Saturday, September 3, 2011

Framework And Guidelines For Use Of Social Media For Government Organisations

The recent agitation and public outcry for the passing of Jan Lokpal Bill of India 2011 has shown the power of “Collective”. Indian Government has realised that “Collective Wisdom” and “Strength of Public” cannot be Controlled or Suppressed.

Now it is also clear that mere “Promises” and “Proposals” would not fool Indian Citizens any more and “Actual Implementation” would be “Forced” upon the Indian Government if it keeps on linger implementation of the same for long.

Although proposals for including the Citizens of India within the fold of “Decision Making” was mooted previously as well, but they were merely “Proposals” with no actual implementation. Till now we have no Legal Framework or Regulation that can Empower Citizens to “Participate” in Decision Making process and the same proved to be a “Political Gimmick” only.

Similarly, proposals regarding providing of Electronic Delivery of Services to Indian Citizens were given from time to time, but the ultimate Draft Electronic Delivery of Services Bill, 2011 proved to be a “Mockery” of this Principle. The ultimate EDS Bill 2011 proved nothing more than “Legal Jargon” with no actual “Empowerment” of Indian Citizens.

Now Indian Government has come up with another “Proposal” that may or may not receive the same fate as has been faced by Citizen’s Participation and Electronic Delivery of Services initiatives of Indian Government. A new Framework for use of Social Media by Governmental Organisations has been suggested by the Department of Information Technology (DIT).

This is not the first time that any such Framework has been suggested by any country. Other countries have already suggested such Framework but they are actually implementing the same. Can India implement the same is the big question and only time would answer that question.

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