Thursday, July 19, 2012

Technology To Fight Drugs, Human Trafficking And Illicit Networks

Technology has become both a boon and bane. On the positive side technology can be used for efficient delivery of services. However, on the negative side, technology can be used for various sorts of crimes.

The growing cases of cyber attacks and cyber crimes have changed the way we perceived technology till now. Time has come that we must tackle the nuisances created by misuse of technology.

Since Internet is global in nature, it is imperative that all remedial collaborations and actions must also be taken at a global level. Realising this truth, Google and Interpol have decided to utilise technology to fight “illicit networks” around the world.

Using the technology Google and Interpol are planning to fight back against drug cartels, human traffickers, sex workers, child pornographers, etc. Recently Interpol even helped India in tracking child porn surfers. Similarly, the Interpol Global Register (IGR) initiative aims to track illicit goods by verifying products through security features, using the scanning application.

This is a good step taken by Google and Interpol and Perry4Law and PTLB welcome the same. We also believe that Hidden Internet would post tremendous challenges before Google and Interpol in their drive against white color crimes and transborder crimes. It would be a good idea to explore methods to take care of crimes originating at Hidden Internet as well.

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