Thursday, November 24, 2011

Online Dispute Resolution And International Response

Online dispute resolution (ODR) is growingly seen as an effective alternative dispute resolution mechanism world over. Traditional litigation methods are time consuming, expensive and unproductive. ODR is not only speedier but is also economical and effective.

Online dispute resolution in India is still in its infancy stage. This is so because even the alternative dispute resolution in India is not free from troubles and procedural formalities.

However, success of ODR in India is still doubtful. To be successful, ODR in India needs urgent rejuvenation. This has happened because legal enablement of ICT systems in India is missing. ADR and ODR services in India are still evolving. There are very few ODR service providers in India.

Naturally, online dispute resolution services in India are still evolving. We have very few online dispute resolution centers in India. Further, Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is the sole techno legal ADR and ODR services provider in India.

Techno legal ODR services have become necessary due to growing use of information technology for business and commercial purposes world over. For instance, ODR and cross border e-commerce transactions are also interrelated. Similar is the case regarding dispute resolution of cross border technology transactions.

Similarly Online dispute resolution in Asia is still evolving. Online dispute resolution in Asian countries is largely confined to a single or two countries that also to a limited extent. Clearly online dispute resolution standards of practice for India and Asia need to be developed urgently.

However, nothing can strengthen ODR more than international efforts and international coordination activities. International legal standards for online dispute resolution (ODR) and international harmonisation of ODR is urgently required.

United Nations can play am important role in international development and international harmonisation of ODR. United Nations and online dispute resolution are closely related in this regard. In fact, UNCITRAL, ODR and India are interconnected.

Thus, it is clear that whether it is India, Asia, Europe, United States or any other international country or territory, ODR would play a very important role in effective, economical and speedier dispute resolution. Of course, United Nations has to play a more pro active role in this regard at the international level.

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