Monday, October 3, 2011

India's National Cyber Security Policy

Cyber security is an area that cannot be ignored by India. Cyber security in India has still not been paid enough attention. As a result important departments and computers of Indian governments are frequently breached and compromised.

India is poor at cyber security for numerous reasons. First and foremost being that cyber security policy of India is still missing. Till cyber security is considered at the policy level not much can be achieved.

However, politicians in India have no time for cyber security. Lack of political will towards a crucial topic like cyber security is evident when we have no national cyber security policy of India.

Indian national cyber security policy is also suffering on the count of legal enablement. Till now we have no legal enablement of ICT systems in India. We have no legal framework for cyber security in India. Even the cyber law of India is grossly deficient and is ineffective in tackling the growing cyber crimes and cyber attacks.

Naturally, the fronts like cyber warfare against India, cyber espionage against India, cyber terrorism against India, etc are still wide open for anybody and everybody to exploit.

Another factor that has resulted in poor cyber security in India is the growing incidences of industrial lobbying in India. Industrial lobbying is not allowing a strong cyber law and cyber security framework in India. Companies that may be required to follow stringent cyber law and cyber security practices are lobbying to make them redundant and powerless and Indian government is obliging the same.

India has waited for too long for an effective, robust and implementable cyber security policy. A national cyber security policy of India must be implemented as soon as possible for the larger interest of India and ignoring the same any further would only be counter productive.

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