Friday, August 29, 2014

Social Media Websites Would Be Required To Establish Servers In India

Social media has always been a challenge for Indian government. From time to time regulation of social media in India was advocated. However, till now Indian government has not been able to deal with this issue effectively.

This is a tricky issue as well. On the one hand India has to manage conflict of laws in cyberspace whereas on the other hand civil liberties protection in cyberspace must be respected. Above all, India must maintain a balance between civil liberties and national security as well.

It has been reported that home ministry of India intends to take legal action against person posting misleading news at Facebook regarding Rajnath Singh’s son. Further, it has also been reported that Indian government would ask social media websites to locate their servers in India so that legal compliances of Indian laws would be easier.  

We at Perry4Law believe that sooner or later foreign websites would be required to establish their servers in India. However, this is not possible till Indian government formulate techno legal framework to regulate Indian cyberspace.

Merely asking the social media websites to locate their servers in India would not help. A tough stand has to be taken by Indian government in this regard and the exercise to formulate a techno legal framework must be started as soon as possible.

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