Friday, September 2, 2011

Now Home Ministry Of India Is Opposing UIDAI

The unique identification project of India (UID project of India) or Aadhar project of India is one of the projects that are openly violating the provisions of Indian constitution. Techno legal experts of India have even declared Aadhar project of India as illegal and unconstitutional.

Even on the non legal side, Aadhar project is not supported by any project analysis and management. Hard earned public money is literally wasted by Indian government without any parliamentary oversight. Surprisingly, the unique identification authority of India (UIDAI), led by Nandan Nilekani, is openly operating to the great detriment of Indian constitution and civil liberties.

Now even the Home Ministry of India has raised concerns that a fresh proposal of the UIDAI to independently collect biometric details could lead to duplication of effort and lead to wastage of public funds.

The Cabinet had earlier mandated the census commissioner to create the national population register (NPR), a biometrics-based identity system. This required the census commissioner to create a data-base of all residents through door-to-door enumeration and pass this database to UIDAI that will take care of duplication and issue number of each unique resident.

In a proposal set to come up before the Cabinet soon, the UIDAI had asked for over Rs.14, 840 crore to fund the authority's effort to independently create its own database of all residents over five years. Asked, home minister P Chidambaram said the UIDAI had been given permission by the Cabinet to collect biometrics of a limited number of cases till the NPR was completed.

"Now I think UIDAI is bringing paper to the Cabinet Committee of UID. The home ministry, the Planning Commission and others have given their comments," Chidambaram said, adding that no decision had been taken so far by the Cabinet Committee. "When the Cabinet Committee takes a decision, I will tell you what the decision is," he said.

Government officials said the census commission has already completed the task of collecting forms from all residents. So far, biometrics of 30 lakh people have been captured, the home minister announced in his monthly report to the people. Officials said the law did not permit them to use the data collected by the UID for its NPR.

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