Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Obvious But Unsolvable Terrorism Dilemma Of India

A very unfortunate “Terrorism Trend” in India for the past decade makes it clear that Terrorists are attacking in India at will, they are “neither Deterred nor Traceable” and they are using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in a manner that is much more sophisticated than the “Intelligence Capabilities” of Indian Agencies.

Naturally, every time a Terrorism Attack occurs in India, India looks towards United States (US) for “Leads and Help”. This is a very “Dangerous Trend” as Terrorist have realised very well that India cannot do anything to “Prevent and Solve” such Terrorists Attacks.

This is also the reason why India is facing “Similar Terrorists Attacks” again and again. This simply means that Intelligence Infrastructure of India is in “Big Mess”. There is no second opinion about the fact that Intelligence Infrastructure of India needs “Urgent Rejuvenation”.

The National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) Project of India is one such “Ambitious Project” that can help in strengthening the Intelligence Infrastructure of India. However, Legal, Administrative and Bureaucratic issues have crippled its “Implementation” in India.

Even the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) Of India is required provided it takes care of Legal and Constitutional Issues. The problem with Projects like NATGRID and NCTC is that the Intelligence Agencies of India are beyond Parliamentary Oversight. Intelligence is a crucial work of “National Importance” but it cannot be a reason for Lack of Parliamentary Oversight and Non Accountability.

I think India needs to develop Techno Legal Intelligence Capabilities to fight against Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism. India must not only abdicate its Myopic Vision vis-à-vis Terrorism but must also actively use Technology to fight Terrorism in India. A Centralised ICT Control System for Intelligence in India can be really helpful.

Since Electronic Warfare, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Espionage are going to increase in future, it is always beneficial for India to invest in areas like Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Cyber Warfare Capabilities, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), etc.

Indian officials are taking help from the foreign Agencies once more to analyse data relating to SIGINT, Communication Intercepts, movement of known terrorists and their front operatives during the past few weeks, etc. While taking help of Foreign Agencies is not wrong but it is a “Dangerous Trend” if such help taking becomes a “Routine” as is happening in case of India.

Time has come for the Indian Government in general and Home Ministry of India in particular to consider these issues “Seriously” and come up with “Effective Projects and Methods” that can save precious lives of Indian Citizens from Terrorist Attacks.

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