Monday, July 4, 2011

Cyber Security Cooperation Talks Of Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

None can doubt that we need an international cyber security cooperation to meet the growing menace of cyber crimes and cyber attacks. Although regional initiatives regarding strengthening the cyber security are praiseworthy yet they are well short of the desired goals. This is the reason why we need an international cyber security policy framework.

Meanwhile some very important regional cyber security initiatives and events are taking place. For instance, the US cyberspace policy review and cyber security initiatives are aimed at strengthening US cyberspace from cyber crimes and cyber attacks.

Similarly, 56 participating nations of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), including the United States, will vote next week in Serbia on a resolution to improve cyber security cooperation.

The decree, if approved, would be included in an annual doctrine -- the Belgrade Declaration -- that represents the collective will of the regional organisation that coordinates with the United Nations, say OSCE officials.

The proposal, which OSCE officials say is co-sponsored by representatives from 22 countries, calls for participants to exchange information about the way they intend to deploy cyber technology during military conflicts. It also requests debates on international legal standards and codes of conduct for operating in cyberspace.

Cyber threats have emerged as a major cause of concern for national and international businesses and governments these days. In the absence of an internationally acceptable legal framework for ensuring cyber security at national levels, the need of international cyber security treaty or convention has become more apparent.

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