Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Indian Cyber Security And International Cooperation

It has been long felt that we need to strengthen the cyber security of India. As more and more cyber crimes are committed against India and severe cyber attacks launched against India this requirement has become even more demanding.

India needs to intensify its focus on cyber security issues at both national and international level and must promote more international cooperation regarding cyber security.

India must also develop and adopt existing best practices in cyber security area. Similarly, India must develop a more efficient cyber incident response mechanism to tackle cyber attacks.

Public private partnerships (PPP) on cyber security must be given more importance in India. Presently, PPP in India in the field of cyber security is in infancy stage. Similarly, there are very few international cooperations between India and foreign players regarding cyber security.

Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) suggest that to start with, we must urgently formulate a techno legal cyber security policy of India. The cyber security policy of India must cover issues like legal framework for cyber security, PPP model for cyber security, international cooperation for cyber security, cyber crisis management plan of India, human rights protection in cyberspace, etc.

Once the cyber security policy of India is at place, we must work in the direction of implementing the same in true letter and spirit. The growing incidences of cyber crimes, cyber attacks against India, cyber espionage against India, websites defacement and cracking, etc show that India has still not taken cyber security seriously.

While absolute cyber security is next to impossible to achieve yet a basic level cyber security audit of Indian government’s websites, computers and computer systems would show that they are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Perry4Law and PTLB believe that we must at least start securing our websites, servers and government computers. Further, computers located at sensitive government departments and ministries must have a well defined cyber security policy and usage. We hope these suggestions of Perry4Law and PTLB would be useful for Indian government.

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  1. yes it very intensive article in the Indian respect and whatever we would deployed information security policy besides it we have to educate the people in terms info-sec and how to operate there computer application and reason beyond this general principal is that most of people are not tech-educated and due to reason of it most of time they are compromised .