Sunday, July 3, 2011

International Cyber Security Cooperation Is Needed

Cyber Threats have emerged as a major cause of concern for National and International businesses and Governments these days. In the absence of an Internationally Acceptable Legal Framework for ensuring Cyber Security at National levels, the need of International Cyber Security Treaty or Convention has become more apparent.

There are many precarious Cyber Attacks threats that could prove to be really damaging. Today many Critical Public Services are provided through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and in an Online Environment.

Since Cyberspace is boundary less, it is very difficult to prevent Cyber Attacks from different Jurisdictions. Even if a Cyber Attack can be located to a particular Jurisdiction, “Attributing” the same to a single Individual or Organisation/State is really difficult.

There are numerous challenges that need to be addressed in order to formulate International Cooperations and the Policies that are essential to fight with International Cyber Attacks and Cyber Crimes.

True International Cyber Security cannot be achieved till we have an Internationally Applicable and Internationally Acceptable Cyber Security Treaty. Similarly, International Cyber Crimes cannot be tackled till we have Internationally Acceptable Cyber Crime Treaty.

However, in the zeal to fight against Cyber Attacks and Cyber Crimes, Human Rights Protection in Cyberspace should not be neglected as has been done till now. Every possible effort must be made to “Reconcile” Human Rights with National Security and Law Enforcement Requirements.

The present practice of violating Human Rights in Cyberspace World over by playing the card of “National Security” is an aspect that has to be taken care of especially by the United Nations.

At the end of the day, the battle against Cyber Attacks and Cyber Crimes cannot be won till we enact a “Human Rights Oriented” International Legal Framework because in Cyberspace “Non State Players” are sometimes “More Powerful and Better Equipped” than National Governments. They are also “More Assertive” in Cyberspace than in the Realtime and Offline World. I hope International Community would mull over all these aspects and consider enacting the International Cyber Security Treaty or Convention.

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