Friday, May 27, 2011

The Truth Of Aadhar Project And UIDAI

Aadhar Project of India or Unique Identification Project of India (UID Project of India) is a real “Dangerous Project” that should not be there at the very first place. It is based upon Deceit and Deception and both Indian Government and Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) are Hiding Truth from Indians. There is no Legal Framework, no defined Policies and Guidelines and most importantly no Procedural and Civil Liberty Safeguards.

Aadhar and UIDAI are just giving dreams and nothing more. How many poor people have been benefited from Aadhar Number so far? Practically none and none would be. Aadhar Project has many Deficiencies and Fallacies. Not only Aadhar and UIDAI are Illegal and Unconstitutional but they would also contribute to the E-Surveillance Powers of Indian Government.

From my experience so far, Aadhar is portrayed as a Welfare Scheme but is nothing more than a booty sharing for big companies and an E-Surveillance Instrumentality for Indian Government. I have personally E-mailed these concerns to Nandan Nilekani but UIDAI is not willing to hear anything.

Nandan Nilekani, Chairman of UIDAI, along with Planning Commission secretary Sudha Pillai, appeared before Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance where many Members expressed their reservations about the Aadhar Project. Questions were asked about the need, non mandatory nature of the project, multiplicity of cards in India, etc.

Nandan Nilekani even failed to answer the simple questions posed by Committee. This is obvious as Nandan or UIDAI cannot answer the questions of Privacy Violation, real purpose of Aadhar, evil intentions of Aadhar etc.

In fact, through lobbying and pressure tactics Aadhar number has been made “Mandatory” for almost all Public Services. If Aadhar and UIDAI are that fair why are they making it mandatory? Let it be Optional and all those who desire to have it may opt for it. By imposing it upon Indians and clubbing it with essential Public Services the evil intentions of Aadhar are even more apparent. What is more surprising is that neither Indian Government nor UIDAI raised any objections to such arm twisting techniques and imposition of Aadhar Number for essential Public Services.

The Aadhar Project and UIDAI have hired public relation, media agencies and brand protection companies that are doing their level best to spread rumours about benefits of Aadhar number. If this is not enough, Google is Censoring critical views about Aadhar Project and UIDAI.

In my personal opinion, India is not yet ready for either Aadhar Project/UID Project or UIDAI. In fact, both Aadhar and UIDAI are “Highly Undesirable” at this stage. Aadhar and UIDAI must be preceded by a Constitutionally Sound Legal Framework and Parliamentary Oversight. Both of these are missing presently making it an “Unconstitutional Project”.

Constitutionally preparation of a Legislation/Bill is the duty of Indian Government and it must be passed by the Parliament of India. In this case, an authority like UIDAI is suggesting the Bill that (UIDAI) itself is devoid of any Constitutional Validity. Though there is nothing wrong if Private Individuals suggest such a Framework but its Adoption and Implementation must be serious. Ideally Indian Government must come up with its own Bill on Aadhar Project as even the Bill by UIDAI is mere “Eyewash” and does not make much difference. Even if it is passed by Parliament of India, the Unconstitutional Nature of the Aadhar Project and UIDA would remain the same.

I found it really surprising the way the Bill prepared by UIDAI was cleared by Cabinet and introduced in the Parliament. Many issues, including Profiling, Privacy Safeguards, Civil Liberties Protection, E-Surveillance, etc have been totally neglected by UIDAI and Cabinet and perhaps would be ignored by the Parliament of India as well.

The present exercise of taking Biometric Details of Indians is simply “Unconstitutional”. A Project and Authority without any Legal Sanction and Parliamentary Oversight cannot indulge in these activities on such a mass scale. I believe the Government of India is violating various Civil Liberties of Indian though Aadhar Project and UIDAI by making it, Directly and Indirectly, Relevant and Mandatory.

Initially, UIDAI said that Aadhar Number would be optional. Now District likes Mysore and many Banks and other Public Services Delivery Institutions have made UID Number Mandatory for various Public Services even though UIDAI claims it to be Optional. Practically UID never was, and never will be, Optional. This would have serious ramifications, both legal and otherwise.

There are great chances that Biometric Details of Indian would be shared with Intelligence Agencies of India and Law Enforcement Agencies of India. Projects like National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID), Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS). Central Monitoring System (CMS), etc would love to utilise these Biometric Details.

In short, Aadhar Project of India is always portrayed as a Welfare Scheme. In reality, Aadhar Project and UIDAI have Evil Intentions. In fact, Aadhar Project and UIDAI are the Most Evil Projects of India till now. What is more surprising is why this E-surveillance and Big Brother Project has not been Scrapped by the Prime Minister’s office (PMO).But the real fault lies with the Parliament of India that is at fault for Abdicating its Legislative Duties under the Constitution of India.

I hope this article would not be Censored by either the E-Police State of India or Google so that Democratic Rights and Right to Speech and Expression can be freely exercised by us.

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  1. In Lok Sabha, Minister of State in the Ministry of Planning and Parliamentary Affairs Shri. V.Narayanasamy answered “Not in the knowledge of UIDAI.” for the question “whether any State Government or Groups have opposed the implementation of UIN”