Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cyber Security Policy And Strategy Of India

Cyber security of India is an aspect that deserves attention at the national level. It must be reflected in the national policies and strategies of India. For the time being we have no enforceable national cyber security policy of India or national cyber security strategy of India.

This is a serious lacuna that is not conducive for the national security of India in general and cyber security of India in particular. We have no cyber security laws in India and even our cyber law is not strong enough. On the contrary the cyber law of India is encouraging growth of cyber crimes in India by making almost all the cyber crimes bailable.

By making the offences and cyber crimes “bailable” India has made its cyberspace a “free zone” and “safe heaven” for cyber criminals and cyber offenders. It seems the problems of Indian cyber security are multi facet in nature. We do not have sufficient laws, we lack proper strategies and policies, and we do not care much about cyber security.

India has been a victim of cyber espionage on many occasions where crackers operating in foreign jurisdictions regularly attack Indian computers and have successfully taken out sensitive information. International community is stressing upon enhancement of their cyber security capabilities unlike India.

It is high time for India to consider cyber security seriously. Cyber security is not a one day process that can be implemented all of a sudden. It requires years of planning and continued efforts to have a robust cyber security. The sooner it is adopted by India the better it would be for the national interest of India.

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