Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Second Worldwide Cyber Security Summit Of London

Tackling Cyber Crimes and maintaining Cyber Security are not “National Problems”. Rather they are International Problems that require International Initiatives. This is the reason why US declared its International Strategy for Cyberspace. However, by and large International efforts regarding Cyber Laws and Cyber Security are “Unilateral” in nature.

At most there can be “Bilateral Agreements” between two or more countries but these agreements seldom bring “Harmonisation” of International Legal Framework for Cyber Law and Cyber Security. The India US Homeland Security Dialogue and signing of India US Cyber Security Agreement are classical examples of this Bilateral Agreements Approach.

There are very few International Organisations that are working in this crucial direction. Although in the recent past, some significant steps have been taken by International Community yet they are not adequate from any angle. The latest initiative in this regard is the Second International Cyber Security Summit that is organised in London. Governments from around the globe have been discussing how to fight the nuisance of Cyber Crimes at National and International level.

Kapil Sibal is the Indian representative in this Summit. I hope after this visit he would be well aware of the requirements to have a Strong Cyber Law and Robust Cyber Security. Presently India has none.

Indian Cyber Law, incorporated in the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000), is the sole Cyber Law of India. It is a weak and ineffective piece of Legislation for meeting growing Cyber Crimes in India. The first step that Kapil Sibal must do is to Repeal the Indian Cyber Law and enact a sensible, robust and effective Cyber Law. Next he must strengthen the Cyber Security of India that is in a bad shape. To achieve that he must formulate the Cyber Security Policy of India.

Kapil Sibal is a learned person with ability to learn quickly. I hope he would do justice to the requirements of having a Strong Cyber Law and Robust Cyber Security.

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