Tuesday, June 7, 2011

International Cyber Security Treaty Is Required

The threats of Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security attacks are alarming these days. As more and more Critical Infrastructure is connected to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), a need has been felt to protect Critical ICT Infrastructures all over the World.

In a typical Cyber Attack by an Enemy State, the Critical Infrastructure is the first choice. Estonia witnessed this truth in the past. Further, in cases of Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism also Critical Infrastructure is the chief target of Cyber Attack.

It is surprising that despite the seriousness of the issue we have no International Cyber Law Treaty and International Cyber Security Treaty. International Organisations and Institutions have still not taken Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security very seriously. Even Human Rights Protection in Cyberspace has not been taken by seriously by all concerned.

Organisations like United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), etc have also not shown much interest in this regard in the past. Now these Organisations have taken notice of the nuisances of Cyberspace and they are gradually shifting their attentions to Cyber Crimes and Cyber Attacks.

International Organisations dealing with Human Rights, Cyber Law and Cyber Security must start thinking in this direction as issues like Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Espionage, Cyber Crimes, E-Surveillance, Unlawful Interceptions, etc are “Transnational” in nature.

If different Countries would have different laws for these issues, it would be very difficult to truly enforce protective provisions against these menaces at National and International levels. It is high time for UN to seriously consider issues like International Cyber Law Treaty, International Cyber Security Treaty and Protection of Human Rights in Cyberspace.

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