Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cyber Security Must Be An International Issue

I personally believe that Cyber Security is an “International Issue” and not a “National One”. Those who believe it to be a National Issue are going to suffer a lot. Similarly, “Self Regulation” is not going to help us in the long run especially when countries all over the world are establishing Cyber Commands and Cyber Warfare Capabilities.

I also believe that despite all odds, we must try to formulate International Cyber Law Treaty and International Cyber Security Treaty. Without clearly demarcating the “Roles and Responsibilities” of Nations in the Cyberspace, International Mutual Cooperation in this regard is next to impossible.

United Nations has a bigger role to play in this regard. On the one hand it must formulate International Cyber Law and Cyber Security Treaty whereas on the other hand it must make these Treaties in conformity with the Human Rights in Cyberspace.

Developed Countries like US are not interested in Treaties on Cyber Law and Cyber Security except to the extent permitted by present International Legal Framework .This Framework was formulated at a different time and in a different context. It is high time to abandon the same in the larger interest of “International Community”.

The growing Cyber Attacks on Gmail, Citicorp, etc are happening because of this “Void” at the International level. This “Void” is also forcing the Countries to adopt their own Cyber Security safeguards. Australia has planned a Cyber Defence Strategy whereas European Union has set up a team of Cyber Crime Fighters. Countries are adopting this “National Approach” because there is no “International Framework” to deal with these issues.

The sooner we have International Frameworks for Cyber Law and Cyber Security related issue the better it would be for the interest of International Cyberspace Community at large.

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