Friday, May 20, 2011

Indian Companies Are Facing Shortage Of Skilled Workforce

According to a recent survey, Indian companies are finding it difficult to fill in key positions in research, sales and IT due to lack of training and experience. The main reason for such supply shortage is the lack of training and the required experience for the positions which are in very high demand by the industry.

This is no surprise as studies in the past have also indicated that only 25% management students and 20% engineers are fit to be absorbed in to mainstream industry. The main reason for this poor performance is the highly academic nature of Indian education system. Further, little emphasis is given to practical trainings and education in India.

India urgently needs to upgrade its skill development initiatives. There is an urgent need to develop techno legal skills development initiatives in India. Further, ICT skill development initiatives are also urgently required in India. There is also a need to club skill development and technical education in India.

However, India is a big country with diverse languages and culture. It is not possible to accommodate the gigantic population of India through institutional education mechanism. India must use e-learning and online education and skill development model as much as possible.

Similarly, India must also pay more attention to higher research and education. More PhD candidates must be enrolled so that research in India can be strengthened. Finally, a special emphasis must be given to lifelong learning in India and continuing legal education in India.

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