Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cyber Forensics Laws In India

Cyber Forensics in India is still to be approved as an important part of Legal and Judicial System of India. Till now we do not have a specific and dedicated Cyber Forensics Law in India. Cyber Forensics is an amalgamation of Legal and Computer Science principles. Thus, it is essentially Techno Legal in nature.

This Techno Legal nature of Cyber Forensics has raised certain problems before the Law Enforcement Agencies of India, Legal Fraternity, Judicial Fraternity and the Governmental Departments dealing with the Cyber Forensics issues.

While the Police, Lawyers and Judges are still struggling to deal with Cyber Crimes and Cyber Forensics issues yet Government Departments are facing a shortage of Skilled Cyber Forensics Professionals. Suitable Techno Legal Cyber Forensics Courses in India and Cyber Forensics Education in India can reduce the shortage of Skilled Cyber Forensics Professionals in India.

India has been facing these problems because till now Cyber Forensics Policy of India has not been formulated. An ideal Cyber Forensics Policy of India must concentrate upon issues like Legal Framework for Cyber Forensics, Skills Development of Cyber Forensics, Trainings of Law Enforcement Officials, Lawyers, Judges, etc.

Cyber Forensics Policy of India cannot be implemented by a single stroke. It has to be formulated step by step and in a systematic and planned manner. Indian Government must pay attention to the Cyber Forensics Laws of India in general and Cyber Forensics Policy of India in particular.

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