Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fake UID Card Make Aadhar Project More Vulnerable

Unique identification project of India Aadhar project of India is a very controversial project. It has been portrayed as one thing and is actually a totally different thing. The truth is that Aadhar project is a project that deserves immediate repeal.

Aadhar project is devoid of any physical and cyber security. Aadhar project is not supported by any legal framework. Aadhar project is also not supported by any data security and data protection laws. Even the privacy laws in India are missing. Aadhar project is also launched without adequate project study, planning and management. The sole purpose of Aadhar project is to strengthen the e-surveillance capabilities of Indian government and its agencies.

Recently, biometric data of about 200 registrants stored on laptop(s) were stolen. Now it has been reported that the Madhya Pradesh Police have seized from a SIMI activist an Aadhaar card with a 12-digit unique identity number bearing someone else’s name.

During a search at Zakir’s rented place in Ratlam, the police recovered an Aadhaar card, a driving licence and fake marksheets. The UID card made in Nanded town of Maharashtra had Zakir’s photograph but bore a different name, Sadique Khan. Apparently, Zakir had married a local woman under a false name and showed her home as his residential address.

This shows how simple it is to get a fake Aadhar number through various sorts of manipulations. However, this would be acceptable to Indian government as it is not interested in the “identity” of the concerned person but in his “biometric details” that can help in the e-surveillance activities.

Irrespective of what name or identity a person holds, his biometric details would always remain the same and Indian government is targeting this aspect.


  1. Nandan Nilekarni in my view has failed the nation. He has only one option. He should go to the nearest lamp post and hang upside down in shame.
    UID has become one of the 29 identity proof documents recognised by the govt of India instead of being the one and only one and unique ID proof for all transactions including opening of bank accts , booking of tickets , obtain ration through PDS etc .
    Nandan Nile kani Hai Hai Hai Hai.

  2. My post Big Brother Propaganda – Extreme dangers of UID India Says it all about the dark control of the Zionist puppet Government is trying to Set up in India. Thanks for you Great post as well.