Thursday, June 23, 2011

ICANN's Global Outreach And International Cooperation

The day Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved allotment of new Generic Top Level Domain Names (GTLDs), it was clear that it has to face many known and unknown “Challenges”. Further, “Cyber Security Issues” must also be on the “Priority List” of ICANN.

However, of all challenges, the one pertaining to manage “International Coordination” is the toughest one. Although ICANN has taken many far reaching decisions yet their actual implementation requires both National and International Cooperation. If this Coordination is missing, most of the initiatives of ICANN would fail.

Realising this truth, ICANN has started efforts in this direction in various parts of the World. ICANN has named Thomas Spiller to the newly created position of Vice President, Europe. The appointment was announced today at the organization's 41st public meeting in Singapore.

In his new position, Spiller who is a French national will be responsible for driving ICANN's strategic objectives in Europe. He will also manage the Brussels office and will be the focal point for regional issues.

"I look forward to reinforcing ICANN's outreach to all stakeholders and strengthening the ongoing inclusive dialogue with Europe's Internet users, national governments, EU institutions and business," said Spiller.

Naturally, ICANN would also establish similar posts at other crucial regions of the World and Asia is one of them. ICANN is also looking to appoint a vice president of Asia who is likely to be based in Singapore and will take charge of Asian strategic objectives.

The choice of Singapore is natural, logical and the best one. We are still not ready for Online Dispute Resolution in India and Singapore has definitely better “Technological and Legal Infrastructure” than India.

This does not mean that ICANN can ignore India all together. ICANN must enter into Memorandum of Understandings (MOU), Consortiums, Partnerships and Collaborations with other Asian Countries as well.

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