Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dr. Manmohan Singh Must Analyse Aadhar Project In Detail

Recently Prime Minister (PM) of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has taken a strong stand against the campaign that has labeled him as a soft target and weak PM. While reiterating that he is not a lame duck he clarified that all the bad things that this Government has done, he accepts full responsibility.

Of course, this statement and stand shows him as a man of Integrity, Honesty and Strength. He is also serious about the negative impression that has been created in the recent past. However, is it wise on his part to take responsibilities “subsequent to” the happening of wrong events and decisions?

For instance, take the Aadhar Project of India. According to Dr. Singh we need system reforms. Dr. Singh maintains that if the Project Nandan Nilekani has promised to design, if the UIDAI can give unique ID numbers to all our residents, we would have discovered a new pathway to eliminate the scope for corruption and leakages in the management and distribution of various subsidies to which our people are entitled. But it will take time. It cannot be done instantly.

Here lies the real problem. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in general and Dr. Singh in particular are too optimistic about the Aadhar Project that they cannot see the troubles waiting for us due to this Project. Neither the Aadhar Project nor the UIDAI are supported by any “Legal Framework” and are well beyond the Parliamentary Oversight.

In fact, the recent events have clearly proved that Aadhar Project and UIDAI are portraying themselves as a part of Welfare Scheme but in reality they are Nefarious and Unconstitutional in nature.

Dr. Singh must have at least ensured “Constitutionally Sound Legal Framework” for Aadhar Project and UIDAI and inbuilt “Procedural Safeguards” so that Aadhar Project may not be misused as a Big Brother Project. However, he did not prefer to do so. On the contrary, he is actively supporting the Aadhar Project and UIDAI.

A “Strong” Prime Minister would never let this happen because sooner or later the Truth of Aadhar Project and UIDAI would be out and in such eventuality he may proved to be wrong one again. Even if apologises and takes full responsibility of such failed and Unconstitutional Project, it would not make much difference.

The true strength is to question the “Wrong Thing” in advance and apologising or taking responsibility of the same subsequently does not show the metal. I hope our “Learned, Honest and Strong PM Dr. Manmohan Singh” would consider this aspect as well.

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  1. Excellent write up on Aadhaar

    Is aadhar pefect? You clearly say No, thats great, the first voice raised very strongly

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