Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spam Blogs Are Diminishing Quality Of Google

Spam Blogs are undermining the quality and reputation of Google. Take the example of the blog titled federal credit law firm. It has posted our copyrighted articles without our permission and in active violation of various civil, criminal and intellectual property rights of India. They are also breaching the express copyright notice of our Blog.

A quick search about the credentials of the people behind this Blog makes it clear that they are impersonating as a law firm and by posting our posts, without our permission, they are trying to give an impression that they are related to us somehow and somewhere, directly or indirectly.

We have no relation whatsoever with these people and we have lodged a DMCA complaint as well as spam complaint with Google. We are also contemplating taking civil and criminal actions against the offenders.

We have also requested Google to take the necessary administrative and legal action against these imposters. The deletion of the Blog(s) of these imposter is the least Google can do and Google must do backgrounds check of their activities on the search engine.

The cyber law of India prescribes various “due diligence requirements” on the part of Google. Since the matter has been actually brought to the knowledge of Google, the information technology act 2000 applies to it. The law imposes various liabilities upon Google and since we are located in India, Indian courts have jurisdiction over the matter.

We hope Google would do the needful as soon as possible to avoid any actual, constructive and vicarious liability.

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